Museum-monument Shipka with entrance stairs and bronze lion

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Museum-monument Shipka with entrance stairs and bronze lion - vector illustration

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Vector image in high resolution of entrance facade of memorial Shipka, Bulgaria. The National Park-Museum "Shipka" is located in the eastern parts of the Shipka mountain part of the Balkan mountain. It was built in memory of the Bulgarian freedom fighters and the Russian soldiers who gave their lives for the protection of the Shipka pass in 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War 1877 – 1878. The tower was built of dolomite. Large bronze lion at the entrance guard the monument. The memorial is a building with several floors and majestic architecture. On the ground floor in the stone sarcophagus is kept the bones of the dead in the defense of Shipka heroes. On the others seven floors visitors can see collections of orders and medals, rifles, a copy of the Samara flag, pictures and historical material, personal belongings of the soldiers and others. The most glorious battle for Bulgaria is the Shipka epopee, earning her freedom after five centuries of Ottoman yoke. Every year on 3 March Bulgarians celebrate its liberation and on peak Shipka is done in remembrance of the memory of the fallen heroes for the freedom of Bulgaria. Architectural view over white background.