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Vector image with side view of Bulgarian diesel-hydraulic locomotive LDH 125 - the most widespread diesel engines in Bulgarian State Railways. Mainly used for ordinary and heavy shunting work. Their design and technical parameters allow service freight, passenger and express trains.
  • Bulgarian rusty diesel locomotive serie 55-00 used by BDZ

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Railroad gondola and hopper car for carriage of bulk products. Collection contains wagon Eaos type designed for the transport of bulk goods, coal, scrap, steel, wood, paper and wagon type Tads for transport of bulk commodities which must be protected during transport from climatic influences.
  • Railway freight wagons for transport of bulk commodities

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Side and front view with Austrian passenger railway wagon Bmpz type. Chair car with seats second class. All technical inscriptions and designations are under standard of the International Union of Railways- UIC. Red-dark-gray livery of ÖBB- Österreichische Bundesbahnen. EDITORIAL USE
  • Eurofima chair car 2nd class of the ex-EuroCity train "Mozart"

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Side and front view with European standard coach. Rolling stock of former EuroCity train nicknamed "Mozart". Details- bogies Minden-Deutz 522, First class car for non-smokers, all technical inscriptions and designations, logo of the Österreichische Bundesbahnen, automatic doors and others. EDITORIAL USE
  • Passenger railway wagon Amz of the Austrian Federal Railways

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Side and front view with Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive in red livery and logo of BDZ. The engine is known as serie 07 in Bulgaria. Locomotive is built by the factories in Lugansk and designed to serve passenger and freight trains. EDITORIAL USE
  • Luhanskteplovoz TE-109 Ludmilla by Bulgarian State Railways

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