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Side views of steel helmet used by the German field police units during WW2.
Double insignia of Nazi Military Police with bordered two decals - shield with swastika and stylized eagle. Each side have a vents. This model is known as M1935 or M35.
  • Steel combat helmet with insignia decals of Feldgendarmerie

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Side view of military steel helmet from Second World War. Colors and insignia of  troops of Waffen-SS who involved in the fighting on the Eastern front. Right view shows emblem with black runic symbols over white shield. On left side is depicts the logo of the Nazi Party- red shield with a white circle and a swastika inside.
  • German steel helmet of Waffen-SS from World War II

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Vector illustration of German military motorcycle Z├╝ndapp R75 series with sidecar. 
The machine was popularized in German Army, especially in the early stages of World War II. This type motorcycles are produced in three classes - light, medium and heavy.
  • German motorcycle from World War II used by the Wehrmacht

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Vector illustration with checkpoint of German military police Feldgendarmerie from World War II. On the barrier has hooked round sign with an inscription HALT in German. Sentry boxes was used by the troops of the Wehrmacht and SS throughout all war.
  • German road block with sentry boxes used by Feldgendarmerie

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