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Vector illustration of entrance facade of memorial Shipka, Bulgaria. National Park-Museum "Shipka" was built in memory of the Bulgarian fighters for freedom and the Russian soldiers who gave their lives for the protection of the Shipka pass in 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War 1877 – 1878.
  • Museum-monument Shipka with entrance stairs and bronze lion

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Memorial of Freedom Shipka situated in Balkan mountain on peak Shipka, Bulgaria. Monument in honor of the fallen heroes for the freedom of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War 1877–1878. Its shape resembles a medieval Bulgarian fortress. Large lion at the entrance guard the monument. Front view.
  • Drawing of entrance facade of the Monument of Liberty Shipka

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Memorial of Freedom Shipka over Bulgarian tricolor. Monument-tower erected in honor of the fallen heroes for the freedom of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War 1877–1878. On the walls have inscriptions Sheinovo and Stara Zagora in Bulgarian. Celebration of March 3 - Bulgaria's National Holiday.
  • Shipka - golden Monument of the Liberty over Bulgarian flag

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Facade of contemporary high-rise canal houses from Amsterdam city. They are located on Prinseneiland street in the heart of the Dutch capital, near to the Central station Amsterdam Centraal
and Marina Westerdok. The buildings are designed and built in middle of 70’s of last century. They stand out with their red metal shutters and sharp facade end.
  • Tall canal houses from Amsterdam with red window shutters

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Facades of canal houses from capital of Netherlands. Buildings in the Dutch capital usually have a basement for storage a goods and serve to prevention of flooding. They are slim, long in depth, high and have a narrow stairways.
Details - horizontal beams with winches for vertiacal transport, different decorative shapes  and traditional Dutch Clock gable walls.
  • Old Renaissance canal houses from Amsterdam city

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Two Dutch canal houses. Left facade have a wall in style step gables. Behind the wall is located a dual pitched roof. At the top of the building have a single window that serves as entrance for the transfer of cargo from the winch over it. Both houses have a visible brickwork and shaped fugues.
  • Classic low-rise canal houses from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Vector illustration of contemporary yellow house with mansard roof. Detail front view of entrance facade. Colored architectural graphic.
  • Facade of luxury yellow house with green metal roof

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Front view with classic Russian Orthodox temple. Colored architectural drawing with stairs, metal railing, entrance, walls, columns, green roof and shining gold onion dome. Eastern Orthodox gold cross with three horizontal crossbeams known as the Suppedaneum cross.
  • Entrance facade of Russian Orthodox church with golden Cross

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