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Vector illustration of huge passenger aircraft Boeing 747-400 in the colors of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 
and logo Sky team. On the fuselage has an inscription The Flying Dutchman and Johannesburg. 
The plane is known around the world with your nickname - Queen of the Skies. EDITORIAL USE
  • Boeing 747 airplane with landing gears and livery of KLM

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Side and front view of an Austrian coach Eurofima with separated compartments. Livery dedicated of the UEFA Euro 2008 Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland. Logo of the Österreichische and Schweizerische BundesBahnen-Chemins de Fer Fédéraux Suisses-Ferrovie Federali Svizzere. EDITORIAL USE
  • Wagon second-class Bmz "Europameister" ÖBB - SBB CFF FFS

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Side and front view of 53 ft shipping container. Details- doors with hinges, padlock, CSC plate, lifting slots, technical inscriptions and designations. Reporting mark CSXU. EDITORIAL USE
  • High cube cargo container 53 foot owned by CSX Intermodal

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Side and front view of chair car with possible for carriage of bikes. Details- UIC lettering and digit code Österreichische Bundesbahnen, 200 RIC (Regolamento Internazionale delle Carrozze) table with permitted top speed, voltages, all technical inscriptions and designations. EDITORIAL USE
  • Eurofima second-class coach type Bmpz with space for bicycles

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Side and front view of ÖBB railway coach 1st class with business places. Realistic color drawing with all technical inscriptions and designations under UIC, logo of the Österreichische Bundesbahnen, bogies Minden-Deutz 522, signs for non-smokers and panel with air brake assembly. EDITORIAL USE
  • Eurofima wagon type Amz of the Austrian Federal Railways

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Side and front view with Austrian passenger wagon "Eurofima", ÖBB railway company. UIC classification Bmz: "B"- passenger car with 2nd class seats, "m"- four-axle longer than 24 meters, "z"- four-axles with power supply from a bus-bar. Rail car with stylish silver livery and red roof. EDITORIAL USE
  • European standard coach with coupe seats for non-smokers

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Front view with classic Russian Orthodox temple. Colored architectural drawing with stairs, metal railing, entrance, walls, columns, green roof and shining gold onion dome. Eastern Orthodox gold cross with three horizontal crossbeams known as the Suppedaneum cross.
  • Entrance facade of Russian Orthodox church with golden Cross

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Vector illustration with engine LDH 125 and two freight cars. Collection contains wagon Laees type designed for the transport of cars and covered boxcar Gabs type used for the carriage of packed and other goods requiring protection against atmospheric impact.
  • Manoeuvrable diesel-electric locomotive and two cargo wagons

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Side and front view with specially equipped gondola for carriage of rolled steel. Details- metal hood with handles, cushion couplers,  all technical inscriptions and notes. Prototype builder- National Steel Car, Canada.  Reporting mark NOKL- Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad. EDITORIAL USE
  • 42-Foot coil car for transport of rolled steel owned by NOKL

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Side and front view with Austrian passenger railway wagon Bmpz type. Chair car with seats second class. All technical inscriptions and designations are under standard of the International Union of Railways- UIC. Red-dark-gray livery of ÖBB- Österreichische Bundesbahnen. EDITORIAL USE
  • Eurofima chair car 2nd class of the ex-EuroCity train "Mozart"

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Side and front view with European standard coach. Rolling stock of former EuroCity train nicknamed "Mozart". Details- bogies Minden-Deutz 522, First class car for non-smokers, all technical inscriptions and designations, logo of the Österreichische Bundesbahnen, automatic doors and others. EDITORIAL USE
  • Passenger railway wagon Amz of the Austrian Federal Railways

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Side and front view with Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive in red livery and logo of BDZ. The engine is known as serie 07 in Bulgaria. Locomotive is built by the factories in Lugansk and designed to serve passenger and freight trains. EDITORIAL USE
  • Luhanskteplovoz TE-109 Ludmilla by Bulgarian State Railways

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