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Vector image in high resolution 300 DPI of German postal and two freight (Goods) wagons- Rungenwagen R Stuttgart R 10 and open-top gondola Ommu 37 type. Deutsche Reichsbahn era. Isolated objects over white background.
  • Train set with German wagons - postal, stake flat and open

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Vector image in high resolution of freight railway gondolas. Set contains - offener güterwagen type Ommru, low-sided gondola wagon Ommr and high-sided car Ommru with brakeman cabin. They were used for the carriage of goods that are relatively resistant to weather conditions.
  • Open-top German goods wagons from Deutsche Reichsbahn era

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Vector image in high resolution of entrance facade of memorial Shipka, Bulgaria. The National Park-Museum "Shipka" is located in the eastern parts of the Shipka mountain part of the Balkan mountain. It was built in memory of the Bulgarian freedom fighters and the Russian soldiers who gave their lives for the protection of the Shipka pass in 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War 1877 – 1878. The tower was built of dolomite. Large bronze lion at the entrance guard the monument. 
The memorial is a building with several floors and majestic architecture.
On the ground floor in the stone sarcophagus is kept the bones of the dead in the defense of Shipka heroes. On the others seven floors visitors can see collections of orders and medals, rifles, a copy of the Samara flag, pictures and historical material, personal belongings of the soldiers and others. The most glorious battle for Bulgaria is the Shipka epopee, earning her freedom after five centuries of Ottoman yoke. Every year on 3 March Bulgarians celebrate its liberation and on peak Shipka is done in remembrance of the memory of the fallen heroes for the freedom of Bulgaria.  Architectural view over white background.
  • Museum-monument Shipka with entrance stairs and bronze lion

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Vector image of Bulgarian diesel-electric locomotive class 06-00. The main activity of this engine is to serve freight trains. High-detailed technical illustration with side and front view and stylized logo of BDZ with uppercase in Bulgarian language. EDITORIAL USE
  • Diesel locomotive serie 06 used by Bulgarian State Railways

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MPORTANT: EDITORIAL USE ONLY! Vector image in high-resolution 300 DPI with side view of Romanian locomotive  LDH 125 and CFR class 060 engine of the State Railways of Romania. High detailed stock graphic with air brake hoses, buffers, inscriptions for technical parameters, bogies and headlights. Isolated objects over white background.
  • Two Romanian diesel-electric locomotives used by CFR

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Vector image of six axle diesel locomotive made in Craiova, Romania and  under Swiss license. Machine is known as CFR class 060 in the State Railways of Romania. Originally is registered under the series 060-DA. They are designed for a maximum speed of 100 kmph and mainly to serve freight trains.
  • Romanian diesel locomotive class 60 in livery of CFR

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Vector image of Soviet (Russian) multipurpose aircraft  Mikoyan and Gurevich.  By the standards of NATO is named “Fulcrum”. The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a twin-engine jet fighter fourth generation.  The plane is known for it’s maneuverability and efficiency.  In the manufacture of aircraft are mainly used aluminum and composite materials.  The machine is equipped with double-circuit turbojet engines, have a swept wings and two vertical fins. The steering is hydraulic.  In the cab of the standard MiG-29 has a number of outdated analog devices for work with ground and air targets. Newer versions of the aircraft are equipped with board computers and color displays.  The technical parameters allow attack to enemy planes with missiles type “medium-range” and big maneuverability in close air fight. This type of aircraft took part in many local conflicts around the world, as used in the Gulf War, Indo-Pakistani conflict and the war in Yugoslavia in 1999. Nowadays MiG-29 is still in service in the Russian Air Force and is used by many countries around the world.  Excellent illustration with many details.  The plane is camouflaged in green color scheme and has the insignia of Air Forces of Soviet union. On the fuselage, on left board below the cockpit was painted sign "Guard USSR" used by some squadrons. Isolated objects over white background.
  • Jet fighter MiG-29 Fulcrum used by air forces of former USSR

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Vector image in high-resolution 300 DPI with side view of covered hopper cars in livery by the Canadian Pacific - CP Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe – BNSF Railway. High-quality illustration with many details. EDITORIAL USE
  • Covered hoppers by Canadian Pacific and Burlington Northern

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Vector image of London cab taxi over Great Britain flag. Side view with reflection of car.
  • London Black Cab taxi over United Kingdom flag

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Vector image of Luhanskteplovoz used by Bulgarian State Railways - BDZ. The engine is known as Ludmilla in former USSR (called ТЭ 109), DR 242 in Germany and serie 07 in Bulgaria. He is designed to serve express, passenger and freight trains.
  • Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive with nickname Ludmilla

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Vector image with side view of Bulgarian diesel-hydraulic locomotive LDH 125 - the most widespread diesel engines in Bulgarian State Railways. Mainly used for ordinary and heavy shunting work. Their design and technical parameters allow service freight, passenger and express trains.
  • Bulgarian rusty diesel locomotive serie 55-00 used by BDZ

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