Overview of all Vector illustrations and AutoCAD drawings

Indian Railways, Freight trains, Cars, Locomotives, German tanks, Dutch architecture and Wire design



Vector drawing of luxurious and fast modern vessel. Wire diagram in orthogonal projections - side, front, back and axonometric view.
  • Wireframe design of modern high speed yacht

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  • $ 15.00


Simple vector drawing of passenger plane Airbus in three orthogonal projections - front, side and top view. Sketch may be used as a template and easy to modify. Isolated objects over blue background.
  • Vector drawing of Airplane in three orthogonal projections

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  • $ 5.00


Side view of freight locomotive LDH 125 produced by loco factory 23 August Works in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Vector diagram of Romanian diesel locomotive LDH 125

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  • $ 10.00


Vector drawing of vessel with front, side and rear view. 
Axonometric and orthogonal projections of the boat with and without keel, sails and engine with propellers.
  • Wireframe vector design of motor boat with keel and sails

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  • $ 15.00