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Wireframe model of walking man created with computer. Front, rear, side and axonometric view.
Three-dimensional polygonal design.
  • Vector drawing with transparent wire design of walking man

  • File type: AI
  • Price from: $ 14.00


Vector drawing of luxurious and fast modern vessel. Wire diagram in orthogonal projections - side, front, back and axonometric view.
  • Wireframe design of modern high speed yacht

  • File type: AI
  • Price from: $ 19.00


Simple vector drawing of passenger plane Airbus in three orthogonal projections - front, side and top view. Sketch may be used as a template and easy to modify. Isolated objects over blue background.
  • Vector drawing of Airplane in three orthogonal projections

  • File type: AI
  • Price from: $ 5.00


Side view of freight locomotive LDH 125 produced by loco factory 23 August Works in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Vector diagram of Romanian diesel locomotive LDH 125

  • File type: AI
  • Price from: $ 9.00


Vector drawing of vessel with front, side and rear view. 
Axonometric and orthogonal projections of the boat with and without keel, sails and engine with propellers.
  • Wireframe vector design of motor boat with keel and sails

  • File type: AI
  • Price from: $ 19.00