Overview of all Vector illustrations and AutoCAD drawings

Indian Railways, Freight trains, Cars, Locomotives, German tanks, Dutch architecture and Wire design


Simple vector drawing of passenger plane Airbus in three orthogonal projections - front, side and top view. Sketch may be used as a template and easy to modify. Isolated objects over blue background.
  • Vector drawing of Airplane in three orthogonal projections

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Vector image of London cab taxi over Great Britain flag. Side view with reflection of car.
  • London Black Cab taxi over United Kingdom flag

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Vector illustration of huge passenger aircraft Boeing 747-400 in the colors of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 
and logo Sky team. On the fuselage has an inscription The Flying Dutchman and Johannesburg. 
The plane is known around the world with your nickname - Queen of the Skies. EDITORIAL USE
  • Boeing 747 airplane with landing gears and livery of KLM

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Side profile of huge passenger airliner with landing gears. The machine is painted in white and sky blue. Isolated object on white background.
  • Vector illustration with side view of big passenger airplane

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Simple vector illustration of a baseball field - baseball diamond. 
Top view with four bases, coach boxes, pitcher’s plate, batter and catcher boxes, foul lines, home plate and two on-deck circles. Template can be easy to modify.
  • Colored drawing of a regular baseball field with bases

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Vector illustration of black cab taxi - one of the symbols of London and United Kingdom. The car is used for transportation services type Hackney carriages. In Great Britain they serve to as public transport vehicles which have license to use for hire.
  • Vector illustration with side view of London black cab taxi

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Side view with luxury composition Linke Hofmann Busch coaches: EOG power van, AC chair car and Executive first AC chair car. Futuristic yellow livery with anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping. Reporting mark NE - North Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways. EDITORIAL USE
  • LHB rake of the train 12585 Tejas Express Lucknow-New Delhi

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Side view of freight locomotive LDH 125 produced by loco factory 23 August Works in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Vector diagram of Romanian diesel locomotive LDH 125

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Side view of Indian passenger cars with wide panoramic window Class 2A and Class 3A. Linke Hofmann Busch sleepers in classic red-gray livery and new silver color scheme with two red bands. Reporting marks - SW and SR - South Western and South zones of Indian Railways. EDITORIAL USE
  • LHB AC 3-tier and AC 2-tier coaches with bezel less window

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Vector diagrams with polygonal surface of sailboat. 
Axonometric and orthogonal projections with and without keel, sails and engine with propellers. Front, side and rear view.
  • Wire-frame vector design of motor boat with keel and sails

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Front view with classic Russian Orthodox temple. Colored architectural drawing with stairs, metal railing, entrance, walls, columns, green roof and shining gold onion dome. Eastern Orthodox gold cross with three horizontal crossbeams known as the Suppedaneum cross.
  • Entrance facade of Russian Orthodox church with golden Cross

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Vector illustration with engine LDH 125 and two freight cars. Collection contains wagon Laees type designed for the transport of cars and covered boxcar Gabs type used for the carriage of packed and other goods requiring protection against atmospheric impact.
  • Manoeuvrable diesel-electric locomotive and two cargo wagons

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Vector image with side view of Bulgarian diesel-hydraulic locomotive LDH 125 - the most widespread diesel engines in Bulgarian State Railways. Mainly used for ordinary and heavy shunting work. Their design and technical parameters allow service freight, passenger and express trains.
  • Bulgarian rusty diesel locomotive serie 55-00 used by BDZ

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Railroad gondola and hopper car for carriage of bulk products. Collection contains wagon Eaos type designed for the transport of bulk goods, coal, scrap, steel, wood, paper and wagon type Tads for transport of bulk commodities which must be protected during transport from climatic influences.
  • Railway freight wagons for transport of bulk commodities

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Shunting locomotive and two freight wagons used by the Bulgarian State Railways - BDZ. The machine is known as LDH125 in Romania and serie 55 in Bulgaria. Collection contains tank wagon Zas type for transporting of petroleum products and hopper car type Uagpps for transporting of bulk cargo.
  • Freight train with diesel locomotive LDH 125 and two wagons

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Diesel locomotive and two freight wagons used by the Bulgarian State Railways – BDZ. 
The engine is known as serie 55 in Bulgaria. Collection contains coal wagon Fals type designed for the transport of coal and coke, and railway cistern Zas type for transporting of petroleum products.
  • Shunting diesel locomotive LDH 125 and two freight wagons

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Side and front view with Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive in red livery and logo of BDZ. The engine is known as serie 07 in Bulgaria. Locomotive is built by the factories in Lugansk and designed to serve passenger and freight trains. EDITORIAL USE
  • Luhanskteplovoz TE-109 Ludmilla by Bulgarian State Railways

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