Overview of All illustrations- Vectors, Images and Drawings

Locomotives, American freight cars, European trains, Indian Railways, Dutch houses and Military


Vector illustration of typical Bulgarian Martenitsa Pijo and Penda made from white and red wool yarn. She is an ancient symbol and bring magic power. In ancient times she was made of wool or cotton, as the classic combination between red and white.
  • Pijo and Penda symbol of the Bulgarian holiday Baba Marta

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Vector illustration of Bulgarian martenitsa Pizho and Penda. Creative design of two small wool dolls made of white and red yarn. They are symbol of Bulgarian holiday Grandma March. Pizho is the white male doll. Penda is the red female doll and have a skirt. Traditional Bulgarian souvenirs.
  • Bulgarian Martenitsa Pijo and Penda in white and red colors

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Vector illustration of traditional Bulgarian pattern with folklore motifs. The artwork may be used as a template and easy to modify.
  • Bulgarian ethnic geometric mosaic pattern in red and white

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Side and front view with six axle diesel-electric locomotive used by State Railways of Romania- Căile Ferate Române. Similar machines also operate in Bulgarian, Polish and Chinese railway administrations. EDITORIAL USE
  • Romanian diesel locomotive class 60 in gray livery of CFR

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Side and front view of six axle diesel locomotive made in Craiova, Romania. Machine is known as class 060 in the of Căile Ferate Române - State Railways of Romania. Originally is registered under the series 060-DA with a maximum speed of 100 kmph and mainly to serve freight trains. EDITORIAL USE
  • Romanian diesel locomotive class 60 in livery of CFR

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Side and front view of Romanian diesel locomotive LDH 125. Classic light-dark gray livery with white stripe of Căile Ferate Române. High-quality technical illustration with all details and inscriptions. EDITORIAL USE
  • Romanian diesel-electric locomotive LDH 125 in livery of CFR

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Young woman in traditional folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria. The region is known as Pirin Macedonia. Ethno motifs and classical Bulgarian embroidery.
  • Beautiful woman in folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria

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Bulgarian beautiful girl dressed in traditional summer folk costume from LittleTarnovo.  Vector illustration with folklore motifs.
  • Beautiful girl dressed in traditional Bulgarian folk costume

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Railroad tank car with designation DOT 112J340W used by the American railways. Class DOT-112 allow carriage of pressurized gases and top loading. Cistern have a various safety systems and fittings to protect reservoir from damage during an accident. Side and front view.
  • Tank car DOT-112 for transport of liquefied petroleum gas

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Vector illustration for basketball team of Boston Celtics, who holds the record for most titles won in NBA - 17 championships.
Perspective of basketball court with stand, hoop, lines and center circle. Mascot Leprechaun is upright on the floor and pointing with finger and ball the championship flags. EDITORIAL USE
  • Boston Celtics championship banners, team logo and home court

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Vector illustration of mill gondola car for the transport of iron and steel products - plates, scrap steel, metal pipes, structural steel, waste and others. Side and front view with all technical parameters, inscriptions, hand brake and Union Pacific Railway logo. EDITORIAL USE
  • Railroad gondola long 52' 6'' ft and livery of Union Pacific

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Railroad tank car with US designation DOT 111A100W3 used by the North American Railways- specification for a non-pressurized rail cistern. In Canada are called CTC-111A. Side and front view. Details - bogies, couplers, air hoses, placard with number 1267, head shields, stairs and all technical inscriptions.
  • Tank car DOT-111 with head shield for transport of crude oil

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Facade of contemporary high-rise canal houses from Amsterdam city. They are located on Prinseneiland street in the heart of the Dutch capital, near to the Central station Amsterdam Centraal
and Marina Westerdok. The buildings are designed and built in middle of 70’s of last century. They stand out with their red metal shutters and sharp facade end.
  • Tall canal houses from Amsterdam with red window shutters

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Computer-aided wire design of classic electric guitar on stand. Side, front, back and axonometric view. Isolated objects on white background.
  • Wire model of modern electric guitar placed on stand

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Wire vector model of modern jeep designed and manufactured in Japan. The crossover has four doors, sharp handling and a throaty V8 engine. Front, rear, side and axonometric view. Three-dimensional polygonal design.
  • Wireframe model of luxury Japanese crossover Infiniti jeep

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Vector drawing with wire model of contemporary military airplane. Side, front, back and axonometric view. Three-dimensional polygonal design. Transparent vector graphic.
  • Wireframe design of modern combat fighter aircraft

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Side and front view with orthogonal centerbeam railcar designed for transportation of packaged lumber, plasterboards and other construction products with increasing safety. The car has a length 73 feet measured between bulkheads. Reporting mark Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway. EDITORIAL USE
  • MMA centerbeam flatcar for transport of lumber and wallboards

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Side and front view with 73 feet long flat car for transport of packaged lumber and other construction products. The deck is canted without floor risers. Reporting mark Arkansas–Oklahoma Railroad. EDITORIAL USE
  • Riserless deck center partition railcar in red livery of AOK

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Vector illustration of portable basketball hoop on wheels. Side, front, back and axonometric views.  Three-dimensional polygonal design. Isolated objects on white background.
  • Wireframe design of professional basketball stand

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Hopper car with capacity 5 200 cubic feet for carriage of bulk cargo - sugar, grain, fertilizer, dry chemicals and other similar products. Side and front view with all technical parameters, instructions for safe handling and hand brake. Reporting mark NAHX - General Electric Rail Service. EDITORIAL USE
  • Railroad covered hopper car for transport of dry bulk loads

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