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Creative design of a small villa in the dark and light, on the sunset and sunrise. Isolated objects over white background.
  • Vector illustration of suburban wooden house during the day

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Abstract vector artwork dedicated of immigration of bulgarians in the European Union. The illustration presents the map of Bulgaria in green, open door in it, arrow pointing to door and stylized human person to run it to save, on the background of the flag of the European community, depicted as a blue sphere. The whole picture resembles the classic sign of evacuation in emergency situations.
  • Immigration of Bulgarians in the European Union

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Vector illustration of the basketball court on team Boston Celtics from NBA. Top view. 
The artwork is to scale and may be used as a template and easy to modify.
  • Basketball court with clover and ball in the center

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Simple vector illustration of a baseball field who is also called a ball field or a baseball diamond. 
This is the field upon which the game of baseball is played
The artwork is drawn to scale with four bases, coach boxes, pitcher’s plate, batter and catcher boxes, foul lines, home plate, two on-deck circles and may be used as a template and easy to modify. Baseball is one of the most popular team games in the United States with no game clock.
  • Colored drawing of a regular baseball field with bases

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Vector illustration of traditional folk pattern from Bulgaria. Embroidery with proper geometry and stylized red-black flowers. The artwork may be used as a template and easy to modify.
  • Traditional Bulgarian folklore motif with two stylized birds

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Vector image of diesel electric locomotive used by Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). The locomotive is known as Ludmilla in former USSR (called ТЭ109), DR 242 in Germany and serie 07 in Bulgaria. Built by locomotive factories in Lugansk and designed for highway passenger and cargo service.
The machine has two three-axle bogies.
  • Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive with nickname Ludmilla

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