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Locomotives, American freight cars, European trains, Indian Railways, Dutch houses and Military



Vector illustration with front view of urban coffee house. A street cafe. Modern minimal design. Urban scene, classic narrow European street.
  • Exterior facade of cafe in retro style with name ROMANCE

  • File: AI
  • $ 9.00


Vector set with truck for worldwide delivery service. Detailed side, front and back view. Illustration suitable for different infographic, web design and advertising purposes.
  • Vector icons with retro van Ford C-600 for delivery services

  • File: AI
  • $ 10.00


Side view with stylish design of gym equipment suitable for web design and mobile applications. High-quality vector symbols created with AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator CS6.
  • Vector set with fitness icons in red-black and black contour

  • File: AI
  • $ 5.00


Vector illustration for basketball team of Boston Celtics, who holds the record for most titles won in NBA - 17 championships.
Perspective of basketball court with stand, hoop, lines and center circle. Mascot Leprechaun is upright on the floor and pointing with finger and ball the championship flags. EDITORIAL USE
  • Boston Celtics championship banners, team logo and home court

  • File: AI
  • $ 5.00


Wireframe model of walking man created with computer. Front, rear, side and axonometric view.
Three-dimensional polygonal design.
  • Vector drawing with transparent wire design of walking man

  • File: AI
  • $ 9.00