Detailed vector illustration of Amsterdam canal houses

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Detailed vector illustration of Amsterdam canal houses - vector illustration

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Facades of old canal houses from Amsterdam city, Netherlands. The houses in the Dutch capital usually have a basement for storage a goods and serve to prevention of flooding. For this purpose, they also raised several feet above street level. This type of buildings are slim, long in depth, high and have a narrow stairways. For this reason can not be picked up furniture and large goods through their entrances. Dutch builders figured out a clever way for vertical transport. They used a special lifting installation which is mounted on top of the building. Pulley mechanism is simple and consists of winch and issued crossbar with hook. Usually this beam is styled with beautiful details. The front walls of the canal houses end with beautiful gables. The facades have a traditional Dutch Clock gable with different decorative shapes. They serve to identify and to decorate the building. The visible brickwork with shaped fugues, horizontal friezes and beautiful woodwork gives beautiful appearance of old Dutch city houses and carry the spirit of the Renaissance. Isolated objects over white background. Colored vector drawing suitable for illustrative purpose and advertising.