Cylindrical covered hopper car by Government of Canada

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Cylindrical covered hopper car by Government of Canada - vector illustration

Royalty-Free Stock Vector

Vector illustration of railroad car hopper type for carriage of grain cargo on long distances. It has a capacity of 4550 cubic feet. The body of car is all-steel and designed for high-mileage. This model has a four container compartments, with a narrow opening at bottom, for unloading. The shape of interior bay allows unloading by means of gravity. This covered hopper is used like a rolling stock for freight trains in Canada by Canada National railway and serve for transportation of bulk on thousands of miles. Shown are side and front views, with all technical parameters, instructions for safe handling and hand brake. This illustration may be used as a template and easily can change the name of the railway company and the serial number of the car. EDITORIAL USE ONLY!