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Vector image of London cab taxi over Great Britain flag. Side view with reflection of car. The automobile is famous around the World and he is one of the symbols of  the capital of England.
Artwork suitable for illustrative and advertising purposes.
  • London Black Cab taxi over United Kingdom flag

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Vector image of diesel electric locomotive used by Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). The locomotive is known as Ludmilla in former USSR (called ТЭ109), DR 242 in Germany and serie 07 in Bulgaria. Built by locomotive factories in Lugansk and designed for highway passenger and cargo service.
The machine has two three-axle bogies.
  • Soviet diesel-hydraulic locomotive with nickname Ludmilla

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Vector image in high resolution of a bulgarian diesel-hydraulic locomotive. The machine is known as LDH125 in Romania, used by CFR , the state railway of Romania and serie 55 in Bulgaria- the most widespread diesel locomotives in Bulgarian State Railways.  They were built in Bucharest, Romania. They are universal and used for different activities. Mainly used for ordinary and heavy shunting work. Their design and technical parameters allow service freight, passenger and express trains.
  • Bulgarian rusty diesel locomotive serie 55-00 used by BDZ

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