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Creative design of a small villa in the dark and light, on the sunset and sunrise. Isolated objects over white background.
  • Vector illustration of suburban wooden house during the day

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Vector illustration of cartoon wooden Martenitsa Pijo and Penda dressed in traditional Bulgarian costumes.
Isolated objects over white background.
  • Martenitsa with cartoon dolls Pijo and Penda in folk costumes

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Young woman in traditional folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria. The region is known as Pirin Macedonia. Ethno motifs and classical Bulgarian embroidery. Isolated object over white background.
  • Beautiful woman in folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria

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Bulgarian beautiful girl dressed in traditional summer folk costume from LittleTarnovo.  Vector illustration with folklore motifs.
  • Beautiful girl dressed in traditional Bulgarian folk costume

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Abstract vector artwork dedicated of immigration of bulgarians in the European Union. The illustration presents the map of Bulgaria in green, open door in it, arrow pointing to door and stylized human person to run it to save, on the background of the flag of the European community, depicted as a blue sphere. The whole picture resembles the classic sign of evacuation in emergency situations.
  • Immigration of Bulgarians in the European Union

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Vector illustration of  the words Japan and Tokyo on black and white background. The letters O and Y in these inscriptions are showing like a stylized red sun, a traditional Japanese fan, switcher on position ON and OFF respectively in green and red, and Y like symbol of traditional Japanese currency YEN. 
The illustration used symbols with which Nippon is famous all over the world.
The national flag, known as sun flag or solar disk is white with a large red circle in the middle - symbolizing the rising sun. Japan is the most developed country in Asia and the YEN is widespread as a reserve currency after the US dollar, the euro and the British pound.
  • Creative Typography Design of the words Japan and Tokyo

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Vector illustration of a bulgarian Martenitsa Pizho and Penda - two small wool dolls, made of white and red yarn and symbol of bulgarian holiday Grandma March. Pizho is the male doll and is in white. Penda is the female doll and is in red and have a skirt. Usually they are made of white and red yarn and worn from March 1 until the end of the same month. The celebration of Baba Marta in Bulgarian traditions is a symbol of spring and brings wishes for health and prosperity in the beginning of a new cycle in nature.
  • Traditional Bulgarian martenitsa tied with red and white yarn

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Abstract vector illustration of bulgarian diesel locomotive used by Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). One half of the engine is colored, the other is in the form of a drawing. The locomotive is known as LDH125 in Romania and serie 55 in Bulgaria. Have two modes - train and maneuverable, and can be used for any kind of maneuvering work and service of passenger (and freight) trains over short distances
  • Illustration of diesel locomotive as drawing and color scheme

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